Brass & Bronze

Brass  & Bronze

ICAST is a leader in the manufacturing of  Non Ferrous castings as it is our core expertise with castings from as small as a few grams up to 50kgs .

We offer the following advantages for Brass & Bronze investment castings :

  • Smaller diameter holes than forging, sand casting, and die casting
  • Tolerances within +/- .005 inches per linear inch
  • More environmental friendly
  • Highly complex dimensional geometry
  • No tooling cost
  • Typical surface finish of 175 RMS micro-inch

Non Ferrous Grades 

  • C83600 
  • C89833 
  • C85700 
  • C862 
  • C863
  • C865
  • C873
  • C875
  • C905
  • C907
  • C952
  • C954


  • Manganese Bronze
  • Aluminum Bronze
  • Silicon Bronze
  • Phosphorus Bronze PB1, PB2, PB3 & PB4 grades


  1. 100% inspection before shipment
  2. Pre-shipment sample for free
  3. HD pictures of the production process

Lead time:

  1. We will give you lead time based on your project
  2. Weekly report with pictures of production process
  3. Free air shipment if there is delay in delivery

Contact us with your specific requirements such as corrosion resistance brass castings, machinability brass castings, or strength, and our engineering staff will assist you in selecting the specific brass or bronze investment casting grade that meets your needs.