We have extensive experience in the automotive sector, and are a supplier of choice for automobile parts.

The experience we have of  huge range of alloys  in casting ,including aluminum, CF8/CF8M & Non ferrous  means we can get almost any automotive casting completed on time and to budget. We also have a track record of providing solutions for new, previously un-castable materials.

The same competitive advantages that uniquely qualifies ICAST processes for high-performance, fuel-efficient applications such as turbochargers and fuel rail function blocks, rocker arms and RA shaft assemblies, and intermediate lever programs extend easily to many others. When parts programs call for ready-to-use or fully finished and assembled investment castings in high, moderate, or low volumes, ICAST  has the capabilities to meet customers' needs.

Automotive Castings

The Indian auto-components industry can be broadly classified into the organized and unorganized sectors. The organized sector caters to the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and consists of high-value precision instruments while the unorganized sector comprises low-valued products and caters mostly to the aftermarket category.

The rapidly globalizing world is opening up newer avenues for the transportation industry, especially while it makes a shift towards electric, electronic and hybrid cars, which are deemed more efficient, safe and reliable modes of transportation. Over the next decade, this will lead to newer verticals and opportunities for auto-component manufacturers, who would need to adapt to the change via systematic research and development.


  • Engine components
  • Impeller and compressorwheels
  • Volutes
  • Drive shaft components
  • Exhaust systems
  • Clutch components
  • Gearbox components
  • Vehicle door handles